Featured Guinea Pig Care Articles

Complete List of Guinea Pig Care Articles

On this page, you’ll find all kinds of care and fact-related information on guinea pigs. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re planning out your first guinea pigs or already owned by one or more of these lovable, furry potatoes!

New to Guinea Pigs? Start Here!

  • Do Guinea Pigs Smell?
  • Do Guinea Pigs Bite?
  • Guinea Pig Size and Weight: How Big Do Guinea Pigs Get?
  • Guinea Pig Lifespan: How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live?
  • How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost? Upfront and Monthly Expenses
  • New Guinea Pig Supply Checklist
  • 25 Reasons You Should Get Guinea Pigs!
  • 20 Reasons NOT To Get Guinea Pigs
  • 700+ Name Ideas for Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Tips and Advice

  • Guinea Pig Floor Time Tips and Tricks
  • Guinea Pig Enrichment Ideas
  • Ways to Save Money on Guinea Pig Care
  • 15 Things You Should Never Buy for Guinea Pigs
  • How to Wick Fleece in 9 Easy Steps

Health and Wellness

  • 10 Common Guinea Pig Illnesses You Can Prevent
  • How to Prevent Bladder Stones in Guinea Pigs